What is Yoga Mantra

A mantra is a sacred sound, word, or phrase. Thoughts and words are the very vibration from which we create. The etymology of the word mantra, takes us to the root manas which means heart / mind. ‘Tra’ means to traverse, to protect, or to cross over, to bridge the heart and the mind together.

The repetition of mantra shifts our vibration. Like attracts like. When we are spinning in fear, negativity or limitation, this is what we tend to attract and perpetuate. Physics proves it over and over with this universal principle. The right mantra can protect us from harmful patterns of mind and spinning emotions. At any time we can interrupt negative momentum and anchor into Love, and Universal support. With mantra, we cross the bridge of perception and connect deeply with our highest intention. We are not limited to our fear and pain. Who we are is much bigger than that. Mantra can help us remember that field of possibility.

That said, it is necessary to welcome the whole of who we are. Our suffering does not want to be denied. It wants our attention and patience. When we try to cover over the pain and push it down by pasting on false positivity, we actually short circuit our deep healing! But, as we turn toward the pain of what challenges us, allow ourselves to feel, and be present in our pain, we can also find comfort in healing sounds and words. Being real with ourselves is critical. Only from here can we begin to dissolve the scar tissue and let it go into the ocean of love. Try it next time. When you are caught in a negative mind set, take time to listen. What is the source? Go into the sensation and wait for what you know. Write it down. Bring your loving awareness breath, and compassion there. Then, when you are ready, start to shift the trajectory.

A mantra can be given to you by a teacher or guide. It may also be your most beloved prayer, or a phrase chosen by your own loving heart. Examples of mantras can be as simple as “Thank You.” or “I love myself and I give love freely.” “I am blissful, I am Free, I am forever.” ‘I am strong, my heart is pure”.

You may also encounter mantras in a yoga class… (I love them)… Perhaps the words are in Sanskrit, a beautiful and magical language. It is good to know the translations of these words to put the full power of your heart behind them if you so choose.

Repetition, or ‘Jappa’ is key! Often a mantra is repeated 108x’s -a sacred number in the yogic tradition or, even chanted continuously, throughout the day. You can do this silently, softly, or full blast to keep you on track. Rosary beads, Mala beads, or even bowls with stones can be used to count during mantra meditation. It’s a great way to retrain our minds to Divine frequency and watch the knots of suffering unravel!

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(Peace, Peace, Peace)


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