Heart Space Yoga also offers 1 time a week memberships starting as low as $47   Drop-ins are also welcome.


Namaste Friends

Heart Space Yoga is transforming into “HEART SPACE”. – a collective of healers. Within this collective, Heart Space Yoga is a hub. We are so happy to offer a wide variety of weekly yoga classes and in-depth educational courses in Yoga and Wellness

As a part of our amazing growth, we are reorganizing the way you pay for your yoga classes.

We now have an awesome LIMITED TIME OFFER of $97/month unlimited available through our opening summer months. This offer encourages you to commit to your self-care, make your health a priority. You will also save money. If you come just two twice a week, each class around $12. sign up for three or more, and you’ll pay as little as $8 or less per class.

Repetition and regularity is really the key for deep transformation, and we want you to feel that amazing.

It is our goal to provide the benefits of yoga to as many people as possible on a regular basis. We KNOW this practice has the power to change lives!

Do you want yoga in your life, but feel you can’t afford it? First of all, think of what your health is WORTH. We want to help. EMAIL ME for support.

Have you seen our NEW STUDENT SPECIAL?

New students have an opportunity to explore all of our yoga class offerings for TWO WEEKS -UNLIMITED! This Intro SPECIAL is just $37. A great place to start! Find what works for you and your schedule. Included in this Intro package is a free 30 min goal/clarity session with Andrea. This meeting (phone or in-person) will help you make the most of your Intro Package. 

As we grow into our new Heart Space, we will continue to add more NEW CLASSES to the schedule. This will make your unlimited package even more accessible and beneficial for your regular yoga practice.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!  Andrea