Yoga Health Coaching

My Name is Andrea Thibaudeau,

As a Certified Yoga Health Coach, I help women ages 35-65 reclaim their health and vitality.  It is my passion to guide and empower groups and individuals with the knowledge of how to heal.  Ayurveda as the science of Life, directly affects our experience of living, and free us up with more energy discover what we are really here to do!

Women are healers, and they want to give.  In many cases, we give too much energy away.  This can leave us depleted, sick, and run down.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  When the pulse of life and polarities are unbalanced, we become immobilized.   This tendency to give from a place of depletion can lead to a state of catharsis, where women remain disconnected from what they are truly capable of.  In some cases, they are left unable to help, or heal, even themselves.  The results are too costly to measure.

Now, more than ever, it is critical for women to be fiercely dedicated to their health and remember how to put themselves first…  That’s right, I said FIRST!   Only in this way can we rally our strength to fully serve.  This is what it is going to take to evolve relationships, empower communities, and heal the planet.  

As a nationally certified Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Health Coach, I teach women how to honor themselves and their bodies in a way that they can uncover their true power and potential.  With the wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, and habit change science / technology, I teach ancient, yet practical ways to create change, and find balance.   

I invite you to the process of conscious healing at all levels, physical, psychological, pranic, emotional and spiritual.  The techniques we use are simple and work.  All change we strive for, is rooted in Self Love, and never a sense of lack.  When we give to others from a source of abundance and overflow, we create space for the highest transformation to occur.  When we regulate and optimize our physiology, more than we dream of becomes possible and available.  By honoring ourselves, we step fully into our Dharma (Path) and serve others and this beautiful planet in the highest way.

Sign up to train with me, and discover the vibrancy within, as you learn to regulate the systems of your body and open your mind to more of what is possible.  This life affirming approach to Better Self care and awakened mindfulness will naturally tap you into your limitless creative energy and gifts.  

I am a certified RYT 200….(Twice)   and have countless training hours in addition to these programs.  I am currently finishing my  RYT 500 with Sianna Sherman in Mythic Yoga.  I have been a student of Ayurveda for 8 years.  My main teacher is Cate Stillman.  I have completed her course to become a nationally certified as a Yoga Health Coach.

With over 20 years of Yoga experience and 16 years of full on dedicated teaching, Yoga and Ayurveda are my way of life.  These ancient practices have healed my body, mind, and soul over and over and over again as they continue to pull me deeper into the beauty and abundance of all this life has to offer.

It is my passion and gift, to share these practices with you in a way that is inclusive, encouraging, skillful and fun.  Discover the beauty and sacredness of what you have to offer.  To invest in Your SELF, and bring forth the gifts only you have to give, is the Ultimate offering!  
LIVE VIBRANTLY, LOVE FULLY, and let  Your Unique Soul Expression unfold!







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Heart Space Yoga Studio and Movement Center welcomes students of all abilities, from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners. We offer introductory yoga classes, gentle therapeutics and more advanced flow sessions for those who want the challenge. All of our yoga instructors are experienced and fully certified – committed to helping you unwrap the gift of your limitless self through our inclusive, community orientated yoga studio.