Andrea Thibaudeau

Andrea Thibaudeau

Founder, Heart Space

I am the Founder of Heart Space Yoga studio and now Heart Space Healing Center.  I opened my studio to our community in 2008.  

I am an experienced RYT 500 intuitive, multi style yoga teacher and Ayurveda Health Coach. I’ve had 22 years of full time teaching experience. 

I have dedicated my Life to the pursuit of self knowledge.  Yoga has been my pathway to that knowledge.

I help my students balance, strengthen and heal their bodies.  I feel it is so important to feel good and love who you are.  But it doesn’t stop there. Practice with me will help you gain access to who you are at a more subtle level.

My classes are a wonderful mix of physical and universal principles that address and awaken every layer of Being. 

 Andrea takes great care with the individual student, as well as the collective group. Her enthusiasm, skill, and joy is brought to each class and her enthusiasm is palpable. You come as a student, but leave as a friend. Andrea and her staff cares for everyone who walks thru her door. 

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Andrea Thibaudeau instructs the following:

Yoga Basics

In this ongoing Beginner’s class, we will explore the foundational principles of Anusara yoga. This class is a great place to start and become familiar with the practice. By learning the basics well, we discover more and more possibility! You do not need to be flexible to attend. Come as you are and begin there.

For more details contact our studio: (802)-626-3398 or

Rasa Yoga Flow

This class is appropriate for beginners and experienced yogins alike. Refine the basics with the Universal Principles of Alignment. You will be offered options to stay with the basics and when you are ready, given options to deepen and advance. Everyone is encouraged to honor their own authenticity in the practice and participate accordingly.

For more details contact our studio: (802)-626-3398 or

Gentle Yoga

This gentle yoga class will address your whole body and it’s optimal alignment to help you feel great! Beginners and people working with injuries and limitations welcome.

For more details contact our studio: (802)-626-3398 or

Live Like A Yogi

Learn the ART & SCIENCE of LIVING LIKE A YOGI! It’s a 10-week transformational course, based on the wisdom of Yoga and science of Ayurveda and optimal daily rhythms. Here we learn how to deeply nourish ourselves and be sensitive to our body’s innate wisdom, Discover better energy, stronger immunity, and a deep connection to what you most truly desire.

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200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Commit to your practice! Be ready for a change! This year-long program includes one full weekend of yoga training per month that includes various topics of philosophy, anatomy, physiology, ethics, teaching techniques meditation, pranayama and practice. In addition, you will Receive a year-long comprehensive online anatomy program PLUS…FREE unlimited yoga for the year!

For more details contact our studio: (802)-626-3398 or

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