To Heal is to Make Whole – Yoga as a Means to Connect

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meditation cymbal bellA breath-centered practice invites us to let the supremely intelligent pulse of life. From here we flow and move our bodies instead of pushing through with just the mind. When we align with this subtle energy, our actions are informed from a deeper awareness that unites our instinct with intuition. When we hold or neglect the breath and move from the mind only, we block the flow of life and as a result, our actions are much less intelligent and coordinated. When we are disconnected from our essence, we suffer or cause suffering. When we are in the flow of life, essence, and deeper awareness, there is greater ease… more space, joy, spontaneity, abundance! The yogis have been telling us this for thousands of years! – What does your heart tell you?

We are on a path of learning and remembering. We are each different expressions of the ONE unified energy of the WHOLE. This process of disconnect / connect, is happening all the time with all of us. In Tantra, this pulsation is not seen as a problem. ESPECIALLY when we understand and recognize it. It is called “Spanda” or the pulse of Life. With awareness, the process of both concealment (disconnect, confusion) AND revelation (clarity and resonance) is how we find our way Home to our Hearts. (Even though we have never been away….)

The very reason Yoga is considered “a practice” is that over and over again we forget, disconnect, and become fragmented. We get distracted with everything around us and all of the drama that unfolds in our individual lives. When we do this, we stress. We leave our center and get pulled to the periphery. This is for real. For example. Look at what happens with the digestive system when stress chemicals are circulating through your body… Much of the blood is pulled out of the digestive system (your center) and flows to the periphery so your body can prepare for fight or flight. Our bodies cannot distinguish the difference between average everyday stress and the kind of stress that makes you run for your life! The same chemical process occurs. Many of us live in our periphery while every part of us longs for HOME.

Live Like a Yogi course is designed to help you step more deeply into what the path of yoga is truly about. Connection. Here we explore rhythms, routines, and practices that bring us to balance, integration, clarity, and Truth. You will learn the Ayurvedic perspective of diet, health routines, energy medicine, and meditation that will change and improve your life forever! If you are interested in integrating your yoga all the through to the core you will love the course, and how you will feel as a result. True shift and change is possible for each one of us. We just have to get “smarter” than our limited minds and habits.

To live connected to your body, breath, inner value and light, this is what it means to Live a Yogi. When we find our way home to ourselves, we simultaneously merge with a bigger purpose and way to serve.

May we be in the flow of our greatest Truth and serve each other and live with kindness, love, joy and abundance!

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