Enrollment has shifted. A few more openings remain! Jump in and commit yourself to evolutionary change! The benefits from going deep within, over a sustained period, are life changing. What you learn, stays with you forever. Get on track with deep, connected, and intentional living. Your yoga practice is your living body prayer.
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This program can be taken with the intention to be certified as a teacher or simply for a powerful Life Enrichment process. Students of all ages and abilities can apply.
Assisting a Student in Triangle Pose
Fill out our general application HERE. You will be contacted once your application has been processed. Here you can have a conversation, ask any questions, and get clear whether this is the right program for you. We are here to Follow our Heart’s Desire.
Students at Graduation
One full weekend a month for 12 months! Starting April 7th & 8th!
VSAC grants are still available but are going FAST for this semester. Respond to this email if you would like more details how you can apply!
Sarah StraffordSarah Strafford joins us monthly.
1000 Cranes Acupuncture.
Will be our Anatomy EXPERT!
Sarah teachers Anatomy at the college level. Her skillful teaching includes hands on experience and practical application. She also teaches meditation and subtle body awareness.


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