What Is a Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse?

A seasonal cleanse is a time to re-organize yourself to the rhythms of nature. Change is in the air! Yogis forever have recognized the need to synchronize and adjust with the changing seasons. This approach is absolutely necessary to stay healthy, vibrant, and in tune with our changing biochemistry and evolutionary expression.

When we take time twice a year to slow down, re-evaluate, rejuvenate, and recalibrate, we slow down time, and the process of aging. We simplify and get in touch with the direction of where our life is taking us. Is it the way you want to go? If not, the process of a cleanse is a perfect opportunity to recognize patterns that are not serving your highest interest.

These cleanses are like a time out. The “pause” interrupts the momentum of our patterns. Are your everyday habits helping you be who you really want to be? Or…. are they creating more chaos, stress and adversity? Press pause on those patterns! Create some space, then choose consciously what to perpetuate.

The process of cleansing helps our body and mind to release excess heat and toxicity. We accumulate toxic build up from media, NEWS, computers…even breathing! Oh and of course what we eat, drink, think, and feel. These toxins whether they are physical or emotional, distort the body’s true intelligence. Toxicity makes us feel “off” and we will even start to crave that which is not good for us! By reducing this toxicity, we start to feel and see things differently and become more in tune with our deeper wisdom and what our body truly needs to thrive. From this new starting ground, we are empowered to make real change in our lives.

Oh Yea, a seasonal cleanse also helps reduce excess weight from summertime / wintertime indulgence. A cleanse will help you establish new routines, and improve your immunity throughout the changing seasons (a time we are most susceptible to illness). We need our health to be top notch to avoid the crazy bugs these days!

My first seasonal cleanse was in 2004… The year my first son was born. I was adapting to my new role as a mom, and was a bit overwhelmed to be truthful. I felt heavy, and had no desire to leave my house for exercise, walks or much of anything. I remember those days of the nest, so precious… I decided to try my first Ayurvedic inspired cleanse. Because I was breastfeeding, I chose a very simple nourishing cleanse. This consists of less “taking away” and more nourishing, rejuvenating practices. This cleanse was truly a turning point of healing for me. After that, I was hooked! I have practiced some form of a cleanse every Spring and Fall since then! I LOOK FORWARD to these islands as a resting place. Life that can seem to move so fast!.

There are three different levels I choose from for a seasonal cleanse -MIld, medium or spicy!

The way to choose is to truthfully look at your needs.

Nourishing cleanse -if you feel overextended, stressed, overwhelmed inflamed or in pain. You need to ground down, and slow down! Think mild and rejuvenating.
Basic cleanse -For lightening up, reducing fat, cleansing and improving your self care
Detox- Reducing body mass, deeper detox, big shift.

The point is, YOU design a cleanse that suits your needs. – I can help you do that!

JOIN ME for my 3 Week Community Cleanse Starting September 11, 2017!
SIGN UP HERE and get yourself back on track with guidance and a supportive group!

Cost $25
What you get:
3 Weekly group calls (recorded and made available) Mondays starting September 11th @ 2:00 pm. I will offer meditation and group exercises to help you design your cleanse, as well as an informational lecture with time for Q&A
Link to private Facebook group page to connect with peers on the path
One weekly informational email and reminder for the call
Links to videos and resources to support your cleanse

I hope you can join us! We have a great group starting! Go HERE and reserve your place to make a big shift!

Cheers to your smooth Fall transition and vibrant body and mind!

Much love,

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