Believe it or not, life, deep within the earth is starting to stir! Tune into the full moon tonight! You may have heard It will be a rare full moon celestial event and Lunar Eclipse! This moon also marks the mid way point between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox! Get in touch with your resilience as we push through to the other side. You may notice an inner urge to bring your gifts to the world -or maybe just a little cabin fever setting in! Which parts of yourself have become dormant or shut down in these cold winter months? What have you been hanging on to that is not healthy? Rid yourself of whatever stories you’ve been attached to that weigh you down. This time of year is for purification and release as the soul welcomes in the light of life!

This week begins the first week of Live like a Yogi. We have an auspicious 13 yogis ready to shift their lives toward better balance, energy, and inspiration! Throughout these next ten weeks I will be offering different tips from Ayurveda in these emails that will help you at home too! Stay tuned! These practices can help you align your body to it’s natural rhythms and the rhythm of the earth for greater ease and flow.

If you want to know more about this program or work with me individually for Ayurveda / Yoga Health Coaching, go HERE to my new website and find out more. I will soon be offering an online option to this course that can be done right from your home!