The Dawning of a New Identity

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namasteAfter setting intentions for the New Year, we are faced with the opportunity to turn our goals into reality by creating new habits for a change.  In other words, this is where the rubber hits the road! We all know how easy it is to fall back into the patterns of inertia or comfort. “If the desire to feel good is greater than the yearning to seek, know, and experience Truth… our perception becomes distorted”.  If we aren’t careful, little by little we settle back into our previous, predictable, routines and identities.

Many of the plans, ambitions, and goals, we come up with, originate from purely a mental or superficial state.  We “think” we know what we want and where we want to go… and this is GREAT. After all, it’s the passion of desire and fire of the mind that moves us, motivates us, and creates change!  BUT, there is another aspect to this motivational energy.

Have you ever slowed yourself down, entered a quiet state of receptivity, and with pure openness asked yourself the question  “How does the creative energy of life, wish to move through me?”

Yogis for centuries have used the time before dawn, known as Brahma Muhurta, as a potent window of power.  The shape-shifting elements of air and space are most dominant here. In this liminal space before the rising sun, and world of form and identity take hold, it is possible to shift the way you see yourself.  Tune in here for guidance when you seek a change. Sit in silence, and listen. Feel your desire to know, then quiet your mind, follow your breath, and be open.

Who do you want to be next?  What calls to you now?

The limitless possibility of YOU awaits your recognition!

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