Ayurveda and Me… And Perhaps You Too!

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woman yogaI have been a practitioner of yoga since the late 80’s and a full time teacher since 2000.  There is no mistake. Yoga changed my life, my body, and even my relationships. Yoga, gave me access to a deeper understanding and connection with the TRUTH of who I am, and what I am capable of.  Years into my practice, and teaching, even though my health was better, I would notice the same old issues popping up. My tendency for joint pain, nervousness and depletion left me vulnerable. I had to face it, I could not work through my challenges using the physical practice of asana and meditation alone.

It was not until I reached out to one of my first yoga teachers, and asked her what I should do.  This was the start. She was (and is) an Ayurvedic Life Coach and already way down the rabbit hole of Ayurvedic living.  It’s awesome that here she was again, opening another door of healing for me. This was the start of a HUGE shift on so many levels!  Long story short, I healed my body, changed many habits, and gained incredibly valuable, yet simple tools to understand what my body needs for balance.

Ayurveda means The Science of Life.  It is the Sister Science of Yoga and its counterpart in this process of balance, and natural healing.  Without Ayurveda, yoga is still an awesome practice, it just depends on what you are looking for. When you want to go deeper into the issues and  tissues of the physical body, there is just more involved than yoga postures alone.

Fast forward five years.  I too am now a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Health Coach after indepth study and practice.  This is NOT the same as an Ayurvedic Dr., or practitioner.  I teach people about Ayurveda, and Dinacharya and how this system can heal body and mind.  What motivates me THE MOST, about this is that, when we are balanced in our lives and physiology, we begin to line up with our true potential and greater purpose (Dharma).  This is a pathway to BRIDGE THE GAP between our physical body, and spiritual awakening.

I teach both ancient, and practical methods of daily living that restore the body from chaos.  When we align to the rhythms of nature and to our biological needs, we optimise our physiology and body chemistry for maximum power, freedom, and joy.

DISCOVER YOUR DOSHA QUIZOur common culture has separated and fragmented our daily living practices from our pathological disorders.  We live however we want, notice something wrong, go to a doctor, doctor hands out prescriptions which sometimes fix the “symptoms” but bypass the cause and in the meantime create other symptoms and imbalances, and on and on until we find ourselves totally dependent on outside sources, completely disconnected from our innate body wisdom and capacity to heal.  I know you know this. One thing leads to another! Does this make sense to you? In current times with the circumstances of our “healthcare system”, it PAYS to learn how to care for yourself and be PROACTIVE in CREATING YOUR HEALTH to prevent this vicious cycle.

Find out what YOU can do to support and cooperate with your body, and the living intelligence that flows through you.  Learn what YOU need for balance and take an active role in your own Self care.   If you are interested in EMPOWERING YOURSELF TO HEAL, Look Into it! Contact me if you want to reach out to a live person you know.  I am here to help. I teach a TRANSFORMATIVE 10 Week Course in Ayurvedic Living -both live at Heart Space Yoga Studio, and soon to be online.  Sign up for a FREE 20 minute phone call strategy session to help you discover how Ayurveda can help you with your unique health challenges.  Together we can discover what it is you need, to take a step forward on your path of highest healing.  You can contact me through my website www.heartspaceyoga.com or sign click HERE to schedule your 20 Min. Strategy Session and get started on your journey toward balance and vibrant living!


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Heart Space Yoga Studio and Movement Center welcomes students of all abilities, from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners. We offer introductory yoga classes, gentle therapeutics and more advanced flow sessions for those who want the challenge. All of our yoga instructors are experienced and fully certified – committed to helping you unwrap the gift of your limitless self through our inclusive, community orientated yoga studio.

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