Why is yoga valuable?

More and more people are embracing yoga as a tool for living!

What do you think makes yoga so valuable?

Why do so many individuals claim that yoga has helped to heal not just their bodies, but their emotional/ spiritual lives as well?
Is this just a fad?

For me, and for plenty, Yoga is so much more than just exercise. Here are some ways yoga has helped me. After years of practice and teaching, it surprises me how every time I come to my mat it’s a new experience that always contains infinitely more to learn.

When we first sit for class, we soften and allow sensitivity to arise. We make a connection to the pure and simple movement of the breath and connect to our own innate worthiness.

We learn to bring ourselves into the direct experience of the NOW -the place from where all potential unfolds and fear and anxiety diminish.

Self Study
It’s possible to recognize patterns we perpetuate that are harmful or limiting.

Consciously Create
New awareness -with Intention, establish more optimal alignment.
Enjoy greater freedom and bliss by CHOICE!

Find your center
Experience the essence of breath through ups and downs, challenges, failures, and successes. Connect to what is most real through all of it.

Practice your capacity to receive what life presents. Experience the process of how to hold it, engage with it, and make something more as a result of it!

Create Beauty. Feel good
Learn what it takes to heal yourself by listening…

Get stronger, more resilient, more flexible.

Learn to RELAX…To let go… Feel connected to yourself and that which is so much larger than just yourself.

Develop TRUST. Feel your feelings, ALL of them. Know YOU are also more than just your feelings. You can watch, feel, and experience them fully, but you do not have to be controlled by your emotions.

Know that you are an integral part of everyone and everything around you! It is from this understanding and experience of oneness, that we say…Namaste!


Yours in yoga,
Andrea Thibaudeau

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