10 Powerful Steps to Better Serve The World

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yoga with rosesHow we respond to the challenges and changes of our time is completely subjective.  People have different ways of thinking behaving, participating and responding to life.  The Truth is, we all want to be happy. We all want to be safe. These are the most common human desires.  It is just that each person has a different view on how to arrive at this destination.

Some of us, for different reasons, are more aligned with our fear.   When we orient from this view, we experience contraction, separation, pain, and fragmentation.  When we are aligned with our deeper essence, there will be more union, connectivity, tolerance, love, and equality.

The point is, we are ALL human.  These polarities have existed forever through time.  Everything we see on the outside is also a reflection of what exists on the inside.  I know…it’s a hard pill to swallow… but this too is part of who we are. At the deepest sense of Source, there is no OTHER.


Only YOU know what YOU can do.  Each one of us is meant to do our thing….Our part, the way only we know how.  It is time we say a big YES to that invitation. Now is the time to get clear.  What are your gifts? How will show up, and what will you offer this world?

We truly are awakening….Things are happening fast, but, it’s hard to see our progress because the polarities are so extreme!!  But we just need to do our part and HOLD THE LIGHT.

10 Empowering Steps to Better Serve the World

  1. Take care of yourself.  Keep your vibration high.  This includes an open, miracle mindset.  A big picture view…really big. Meditation is key here.
  2. Clear out the muck.  This is the residue of our bloodlines, behaviors, and patterns that no longer serve.  When we recognize the source of our own toxicity, and take steps to process, clear, and cleanse the murky sludge, we begin to clear our vision both inwardly and outwardly.  From here, our natural purpose can start to unfold. Yoga is great for this!
  3. Don’t medicate with habits that create false benefits.  False benefits are a way to escape what we feel. We might do this through using alcohol, drugs, relationships, Facebook -whatever.  This only prolongs and deepens our cycle of suffering and frustration. We will be of no use to the world, when we can’t take care of ourselves.  Get help if you need it! You are NOT NOT NOT alone!
  4. Eat at an earlier lighter dinner and  -When you eat late and sleep, your body spends most all of its energy attempting to digest what’s in your full stomach.  When this is the case, you wake feeling depleted because your body has not had the time and space to renew itself. -Eat your main source of protein midday then stick with soups, salads, and easy to digest one pot meals.  Try to eat by to 6 pm!!!
  5. Go to sleep by 10 pm. Get better rest.  Go to sleep intentionally. Give your feet a massage with oil!  Light a candle, say a prayer. Use essential oils. Journal any unfinished business from the day.  Notice if there are relationships that need attention , a call that could be made, etc. Write it all down.  Get to it the next day instead of staying awake thinking about it. Clear the slate and allow your body to rejuvenate.
  6. Pray.  Bring about the feeling of love in your own heart.  Then gently let it unfold to encompass the whole. Visualize healing, clarity, and Love flowing through our leaders, our heroes, victims, and perpetrators.  Sing. Chant. Pray. Believe.
  7. Find Your Power.  Stand for WHO YOU ARE, and what you believe.  CHOOSE LOVE above FEAR. LOVE over hatred / fear.  Start with YOURSELF.
  8. Support others who are following their hearts!  If you find yourself jealous…That’s a sign! What is it you are not doing for yourself?  Now is the time to stand in your light. The world needs every bit!
  9. We have what it takes to make such beauty.  Make beauty every day! Practice kindness.
  10. Reach out to others.  Encourage, include, inspire, recognize the light in All……
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