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5 Spaces Left! Heart Space Yoga Certified Teacher Training

5 Spaces Left! Heart Space Yoga Certified Teacher Training


Enrollment has shifted. A few more openings remain! Jump in and commit yourself to evolutionary change! The benefits from going deep within, over a sustained period, are life changing. What you learn, stays with you forever. Get on track with deep, connected, and intentional living. Your yoga practice is your living body prayer.
Read more about what students are saying HERE.
This program can be taken with the intention to be certified as a teacher or simply for a powerful Life Enrichment process. Students of all ages and abilities can apply.
Assisting a Student in Triangle Pose
Fill out our general application HERE. You will be contacted once your application has been processed. Here you can have a conversation, ask any questions, and get clear whether this is the right program for you. We are here to Follow our Heart’s Desire.
Students at Graduation
One full weekend a month for 12 months! Starting April 7th & 8th!
VSAC grants are still available but are going FAST for this semester. Respond to this email if you would like more details how you can apply!
Sarah StraffordSarah Strafford joins us monthly.
1000 Cranes Acupuncture.
Will be our Anatomy EXPERT!
Sarah teachers Anatomy at the college level. Her skillful teaching includes hands on experience and practical application. She also teaches meditation and subtle body awareness.
Happy Woman’s Day!

Happy Woman’s Day!

As women, our societal structure expects and demands so much of us.
-At the studio last week we had some great dialogue around what it’s like to be a “modern woman”.
Women these days, take on so many roles! Homemaker, mother, successful career person, school supporter, and loving partner are just a few to mention. Oh, ya, in addition, we should be fit and healthy, have the house clean and be cheerful and inspiring to boot. Wow. This is a lot to take on! First and formost, to allievieate stress, we have to:
  • Realize we cannot do it all. We simply cannot be everything to all people.
  • Get very clear about what is most important to us
  • Be realisitc about what we hold ourselves resonsible for.
Creating healthy boundaries is key for health, balance, and success. This, in combination with SELF CARE, is critical. READ HERE to check out a short article I wrote for 10 Tips to Help With Stress!
MARCH 23, 2018!
Check out this amazing workshop with Nancy Phillips and Juliann Ambroz! This five week program is an investment in YOU! We must learn to take care of oursleves as priority, so we can be healthy and happy to help CHANGE THE WORLD!
With deep love and great appreciation for the feminine and the masculine energies in our world, may we create balance, and SERVE with LOVE!!!!!
10 Powerful Steps to Better Serve the World

10 Powerful Steps to Better Serve the World

Hold the Light
I hope you are reading this healthy and well. If you are not, may you be on your way to your highest healing. With so much happening in our communities, our country, and our world, life can feel overwhelming at times. If you are dutifully keeping up with the news on a regular basis I comment you. If you are not, I can understand that too.
It is so difficult to be aware of all that is happening on a global level, then turn around, and go to work/ live our daily lives as if..??!! What can we do? I have created a list! Check it out below!
Barefoot Boogie

Barefoot Boogie

Combat cabin fever! Come dance to eclectic world music!
Friday, February 23, 7-9pm
Heart Space Yoga Center
Suggested donation: $5-10
The schedule:
7pm Warm up, dance
7:20 Opening circle, introductions, poetry
7:30-8:45 Da​nce, following the 5 Rhythms format developed by Gabrielle Roth: Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness
8:45 Closing circle
All are welcome….no experience necessary. Bring a friend!
Looking forward to dancing with you!
Can You Feel the Sacred Stirring?

Can You Feel the Sacred Stirring?

Believe it or not, life, deep within the earth is starting to stir! Tune into the full moon tonight! You may have heard It will be a rare full moon celestial event and Lunar Eclipse! This moon also marks the mid way point between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox! Get in touch with your resilience as we push through to the other side. You may notice an inner urge to bring your gifts to the world -or maybe just a little cabin fever setting in! Which parts of yourself have become dormant or shut down in these cold winter months? What have you been hanging on to that is not healthy? Rid yourself of whatever stories you’ve been attached to that weigh you down. This time of year is for purification and release as the soul welcomes in the light of life!

This week begins the first week of Live like a Yogi. We have an auspicious 13 yogis ready to shift their lives toward better balance, energy, and inspiration! Throughout these next ten weeks I will be offering different tips from Ayurveda in these emails that will help you at home too! Stay tuned! These practices can help you align your body to it’s natural rhythms and the rhythm of the earth for greater ease and flow.

If you want to know more about this program or work with me individually for Ayurveda / Yoga Health Coaching, go HERE to my new website and find out more. I will soon be offering an online option to this course that can be done right from your home!

Feel Great through the Holidays! 10 Tips from Ayurveda

Feel Great through the Holidays! 10 Tips from Ayurveda

Love and blessings to you and yours!
May the Peace prevail all throughout this world!
May you be happy. May you be Holy. May you be healed.

Thank you for being in our classes this year!
HAPPY HOLY DAYS From all of us here at Heart Space Yoga

-Andrea, Dominique, Ashley, and Susan

The Longest Night of the Year is Approaching

  • Take time time to go inward,
  • Rest into the darkness and catch sight of your glowing radiance.
  • Give your desires words, reveal your intentions
  • Describe your dreams in detail.
  • Give your heart a voice.
  • Look at what you are afraid of…what holds you back. Create a plan, a mantra, a reminder, that gives faith to the opposite.
  • Love yourself enough to release the past
  • Ask for what you want
  • Dare to deepen your happiness!
  • Be generous with your heart for the benefit of all.

Yes, we might get hurt, we may fail….but if we don’t listen, the buck stops there, stifled with a dull discontent. The Winter Solstice is a time to plant the seeds and believe in your creative potential. Bring forth the best of yourself for the benefit of all!\

Feel Great Through The Holidays!

10 Tips from Ayurveda

Stuffed Animal Throwing a Snowball

Get ready to have fun!  Loosen up, play, indulge even..  but do so responsibly.

Pay attention. Don’t let the holidays leave you feeling heavy and dull, and unhealthy.

  1. Get to bed early (by 10 pm) as often as you can.  Make time for quiet stillness. Journal your heartfelt desires for this next year.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people.  If your family challenges you, have a plan.  Use a mantra. Have a positive focus or saying to recite to yourself and stay grounded.  -EX. “My essence is Love” or “May all beings be free”. Recite to yourself silently -even as you are socializing.
  3. Avoid excess alcohol or drugs.  These substances can only complicate already complicated issues!  Drink just enough to make the conversation interesting if you must.  Any more than that, does not make it better… but WORSE. You also pay the next day!  Get fun substitutes like Kombucha or fancy seltzers with fruit!
  4. Wake up on feasting day with a tall thermos of warm water and lemon.  Drink this warm mixture all throughout the day. Stay hydrated!
  5. On the day you plan to indulge, eat very light if at all that morning.  Get in touch with your natural hunger. Pay attention to your physiological appetite.  Notice if your desire for food is coming from your emotional needs rather than true hunger.
  6. EAT YOUR HOLIDAY MEAL EARLY!!!!!!  Enjoy through all six senses. Take your time.  Try to eat by 3:00 pm at the latest if you can! Your body will thank you for it!  Eating early gives you sufficient time to digest your big meal upright, in the vertical plane!
  7. If you are a dessert fan, eat it very shortly if not immediately after dinner.   Do not wait until later that night. This makes it easier for digestion.
  8. After a brief rest, go for a nice walk or ski after you eat.  Move it! Shake it! Have a dance party!
  9. Drink ginger tea to aid better digestion.
  10. After 6:00 pm try not to eat anything more.  Continue to drink your warm water / ginger tea.

RELAX ….. and   ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peaceful Statue

Take the time in the following days to rebuild your relationship with your body.

Exercise! Practice Yoga! Meditate.

Start your new year with supportive habits and a clear vision.

How do you want to feel in this next phase of your life??

-Stay connected, and sign up for LIVE LIKE A YOGI!!  Next series starts January 31st 2018! If you miss the boat, don’t worry! This program is offered twice a year.

Curious about Seasonal Cleansing?